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Welcome to the home of the 6th Fallschirmjager



The Green Devils

Your unit is a highly mobile, elite, reactionary assault force, to be deployed at the discretion of the German High Command to counter the movements of the Allies on the field. You will also need to be capable of autonomous action, of knowing when and where your unit must be to strike and counter the Allied advance. The 6th Fallschirmjager-Regiment must stand ready to respond in force to wherever they are needed most. You must be prepared to fight with a unit that must be fluid, light, swift, and above all else, hard-hitting.

Expect to do battle in virtually every corner of the 700 acre playing field, against any and every unit that attempts to breach passage through German Territory.

The terrain is brutal, the enemy is numerous, the field is massive and your unit will be called upon to counter-attack, ambush, harass, and destroy the enemy wherever the need is greatest.

This is a physically demanding unit, not for the faint of heart.

The 6th’s motto “Dead Box Before Dishonor!”

As I sat with my squad watching and listening to friend and foe moving on to the playing field, I felt the excitement of battle waking up inside me like a bear that has been prematurely woken from its hibernation. Our goal was to find the enemy, get a count, and relay the information back to base. For the German Fallschirmjager Paratroopers were known for moving around the battle field gathering intel and creating havoc for the Allied Forces. As the “game on” was sounded, we quickly found our target, relayed our intel, and stirred up the hornet’s nest laying fire to blue smurfs (Allied Troops) in order to secure our position and stop their advancement. This was just the first 20 minutes of a game that lasts 8 hours.

The German Fallschirmjager’s were committed to large scale operations during WW2. They were a small Air Force division that grew as their effectiveness proved invaluable. They were dropped into many missions that played a key role in the German invasion and quickly earned respect on the battlefield. The Allied Forces that opposed them gave them the nickname; “Green Devils”. These elite soldiers were dedicated and honorable Germans that took and defended many specific targets during the war. The defiance shown by these soldiers is what made them great and is exactly what we, as paintball players, try to emulate.

Like the real German Fallschirmjagers, the 6th Fallschirmjagers are an elite and growing division of the German paintball team during the largest paintball tournament in the world, Oklahoma D-Day. We are looking for players that are dedicated to the battle, plays paintball honorably, enjoys shooting at Allied forces, and most of all, know how to have fun. If you are interested in joining a group that moves around the battle field, respects all comrades, and enjoys a strong fellowship outside of the game, we invite you to join with the 6th Fallschirmjagers.

The Commandments:
A revealing document captured from a German paratrooper who was taken prisoner in Greece reveals much of the Fallschirmjägers elite attitude. Titled the Ten Commandments it listed the following instructions:
1. You are the elite of the German Army. For you, combat shall be fulfillment. You shall seek it out and train yourself to stand any test.
2. Cultivate true comradeship, for together with your comrades you will triumph or die.
3. Be shy of speech and incorruptible. Men act, women chatter; chatter will bring you to the grave.
4. Calm and caution, vigor and determination, valor and a fanatical offensive spirit will make you superior in attack.
5. In facing the foe, ammunition is the most precious thing. He who shoots uselessly, merely to reassure himself, is a man without guts. He is a weakling and does not deserve the title of paratrooper.
6. Never surrender. Your honor lies in Victory or Death.
7. Only with good weapons can you have success. So look after them on the principle—First my weapons, then myself.
8. You must grasp the full meaning of an operation so that, should your leader fall by the way, you can carry it out with coolness and caution.
9. Fight chivalrously against an honest foe; armed irregulars deserve no quarter.
10. Keep your eyes wide open. Tune yourself to the top most pitch. Be nimble as a greyhound, as tough as leather, as hard as Krupp steel and so you shall be the German warrior incarnate.